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Wore my "Witching Hour" tee to the Extreme Beer Festival last weekend--it's been a long time since so many people have looked at my chest and exclaimed "Beautiful!"

Keep up the good work, folks...and pray for a closer to emerge...

I sat in Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21 on Tuesday, June 27, 2006. I had no idea I had a special seat until I asked the young lady that was ushering, "Can you tell me where my seat is?" and she laughed and pointed to the "red one" up there all by itself. Your website is a cool hook into a piece of baseball history that I can say I've participated in. I love my shirt and I've kept the tag as part of my "red seat" experience at Fenway. I look forward to keeping up with the Sox via your site.

I love your site and your're different! P.S, I am a Yankees fan that likes your stuff and you well enough to buy it for my Brother-in-Law, the diehard Red Sox fan. P.P.S. I even completed your survey!!


I truly like the stuff because it is not main stream. My "defending the nation" "captain fenway" & the line score green monster July 24th 2004 "gayrod vs. tek" fight tshirt are the best and always get inquaries about how to get one. I've given both as gifts to friends.

awesome it. great mix of product & type. keep up the great work!

Absolutely love the site and the updates, my husband is the boston boy but I still love reading all of the updates and looking/purchasing the cool shirts that are offered for him as well as for me.He has offically converted me to being a Red Sox fan. Keep up the good work!

Love your stuff!!! WITTY!!! Good stuff! Battling Evil makes me want to wear that on trips to NYC,.... :)

Still enjoying giving my son the T-shirt of the month.Who knows,I may convert him from a Yankee fan!!!

I love your t-shirts and they've made me a favorite gift-giver for two christmakkuhs in a row!

You guys are great! Don't get too big-I like the personal way you do business and the alternative designs. I'm proud of everything I've purchased from you guys-the designs stand out as the works of art they are. Corporations are great for support, but keep the creativity flowing!

Chris and Em, you all rock. I look forward to seeing the Red Seat in my inbox. Thanks for all the hard work and the great products. You run the sox style fan apparel site that we all wished we ran. keep up the good work.

I like that new designs appear pretty frequently without it seeming like you're just pushing crap out on us. Very cool designs, I actually like the bit of the underground edge that I feel the company has.

I am also delighted at the quippy and hopeful tone of your emails. I have purchased from your site and/or company about 5 or 6 times, and I have always been more than pleased with your customer service, and devotion (seemingly non-materialist driven even) to the Sox. Keep up the good work! One can never have too many Sox shirts!

"Truck Day, The Movie" was great. I've been singing Sweet Caroline in my head since I saw it. I love your creativity and your passion for the Sox. I'm glad your on my side!

I love, love, love your stuff. Love it. I wish I could think of some clever suggestion...I'm sure I'll come up with something eventually...

I absolutely love the Red Seat. I proudly wear my Captain Fenway sweatshirt, my Pigs fly long-sleeve t-shirt and I can't wait to wear my Big in Japan shirt here in Ichiro-land. I definitely enjoy your passion and fun around the Red Sox.

Keep up the good work. I bought a few of your t-shirts and bumper stickers and I really like them. The shirts really are high quality - you should continue to work with the t-shirt manufacturer you're using. I'm a Red Sox Nation refugee, stuck outside of Cleveland with the Boston blues again... so I appreciate the fan-perspective nature of your clever, well-executed designs. (Although I feel a little sheepish wearing the "Battling Evil" shirt these days, what with the Sox building their own Empire...) Keep the Faith, hope that J.D. doesn't turn into Nancy, and that someone can close out games.

After 2 1/2 years of visiting your site, I still think it's one of the best out there. It is always fun to visit, and I love the stories, the pictures, and your products are supreme. And I love the fact that you now have a myspace!! Keep up the great work!!

i *heart* the red seat!

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