You never know what H is doin' at any given moment. Itís a lot of work being a Sox fan in training. Check back often to see his progress.

Some important things you should know about H:

Favorite player: Johnny D
Favorite food: Chocolate Ice Cream
Favorite book: Anything with a curious little monkey
Favorite word: Why?

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Eatin' lunch. Eatin' dessert.
Rallyin'. Lovin' the balloon.
Hangin' with Noah. Huggin'.
Showin' off the new Wally Hat. Swingin'.
Makin' par. Dancin' at Hot Stove.
Umm... Stretchin'? Lovin' the carnival.
Bein' Slugger. Destroyin' the ice cream.
Watchin' the PawSox. Crashin' hard.
Hangin' with the ticket lady. Livin' SO large!
Thinkin' of the future? Hangin' with Fake Wally.
Playin' baseball. Drawin'.
Watchin' the marathon. Doffin' his cap.
Hangin' with Big Papi. Sort of.
Hopin' for spring. Sportin' a homemade "B" hat.

A big Red Seat shout out to for inspirin'.

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