You never know what H is doin' at any given moment. Itís a lot of work being a Sox fan in training. Check back often to see his progress.

Some important things you should know about H:

Favorite player: Johnny D
Favorite food: Chocolate Ice Cream
Favorite book: Anything with a curious little monkey
Favorite word: Why?

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Takin' a train ride. Hangin' with Betty.
Bein' Johnny. Gettin' candy.
Waitin' with Miles. Pumpkin time.
Diggin'. Readin' with Uncle Kiff.
Huggin' Jack. Runnin' around.
Nuttin'. Eatin' a marshmallow.
Groovin' on the ice cream. Big time.
Diggin' the new right field roof. And his new ball.
Sleepin'. Long day. Drivin'.
Contemplatin' nature. Hangin' with J.
Thinkin'. Tourin' Fenway. Cold. February.
A little light readin'. Cursin'.

A big Red Seat shout out to for inspirin'.

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